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decotype example

This is a script for Adobe Indesign. Its purpuse is allowing an easy way to create designed letters by using fonts that have multyply weights that suppose to be above each other.
Right now it's limmited for a specific font (Mandatory by Fontef), but it can easly adapt to any font.

How to install:

inDesign script panel

  1. download
  2. open Indesign (tested on Version CS6)
  3. go to the file menu to Window > Utilities > Scripts
  4. press right click on the 'User' folder
  5. press on 'Revel in Finder' (in PC it would probably be 'Open in folder location')
  6. over there get inside the folder 'Script Panel'
  7. copy over there the downloaded file
  8. to turn it on, you just need to double click on the script in the script panel in Indesign

How it works:

Decotype window

  1. you select a paragraph
  2. turn on the script
  3. chooce inside the dialog that's opened, colors in the dropdowns (the colors are the colors of the swatches of the active document)
  4. press convert

Please, fork me on Github, And you can find out about roadmap and bugs over there too.

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