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Backlighted fonts – slideshow (Hebrew)

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Backlighted fonts

הרצאת מבוא בנושא גופנים בעולם הדיגיטל שהרצאתי בקורס עיצוב גופן בשנקר בהנחיית ינק יונטף. * שימו לב להתקדם כלפי מטה לפני שממשיכים קדימה ** לחיצה על תמונות, לרוב תכניס אותם למצב zoom 100%


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This is a script for Adobe Indesign. Its purpuse is allowing an easy way to create designed letters by using fonts that have multyply weights that suppose to be above each other. Right now it’s limmited for a specific font (Mandatory by Fontef), but it can easly adapt to any font. How to install: download … View Article

Hebrew & ttfautohint

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hebrew & ttfautohint

Chrome will soon use DirectWrite for the rendering engine which means the total use of browsers that really need hinting will be around 15% (and those are really old and crappy that will gone soon), which means this post might not be relevant soon. Every web designer has heard about hinting or more of the … View Article